KMA Mastermind Groups

The purpose of the Keystone Mastermind Alliance Mastermind Groups is to bring participants together to plan business growth, overcome challenges, and achieve measurable results – all in a structured environment that promotes mutual respect and a focus on action.

As an organization, we commit to operating with goodwill and with the highest level of integrity. All applicants are carefully selected and sign a comprehensive confidentiality agreement. This allows our mastermind group participants to comfortably share growth plans, marketing concepts, technology ideation, business model development, and more. Belonging to a mastermind group is like having your own business advisory board.  You gain insight, expertise, and innovation from everyone in your group.

What are the Mastermind Group Meetings Like?

KMA Mastermind Groups meet for two hours twice per month on a set date and time, typically after hours. Meetings have both an open forum segment and a facilitated segment.  The open forum allows every group member to discuss recent achievements, discuss challenges, and create actions plans. In this “think-tank” environment, members tap into collective experience and ideas.

Meetings also include guided discussions on topics pertinent to the business growth needs of the members. These topics are selected by the Mastermind Facilitators based on the collective needs and direction of the group.

Each KMA Mastermind Group is comprised of 3 to 6 members and 2 facilitators. We keep our groups small so that each member has visibility, a voice, and time to discuss their unique goals and challenges. KMA Facilitators will guide the discussion and if needed, may encourage members to keep their inquiries high-level and/or seek offline guidance. We want discussions to be fair and approached in the spirit of creating real solutions that lead to measurable results.

New members start together and commit to participating for 3 months.  After your core mastermind program, you can join a Sustained Success Series (S3) and meet once of a month for ongoing guidance and accountability.  Members of our original group are now entering their fourth year!  New groups start approximately three times per year.