The Keystone Mastermind Alliance or KMA presents a unique model to the world of business networking. Originally launched in 2014 as a Business Mastermind and Professional organization, Keystone Mastermind Alliance was born out of a vision to offer small business owners and entrepreneurs intimate, private mastermind groups. The goal of KMA was to offer a safe space for working on businesses, brainstorming, knowledge sharing, accountability,  and support.

Over time, KMA added value programs which were open to the business community. Business workshops filled knowledge gaps for professionals who knew what needed to be done to accelerate their business but were lacking the know-how. Business Coaching provided clients insight, solutions, tools, resources and a “kick in the butt” to take their business to the next level. Business Brainstorms were added to the offerings for those who were not at the place to commit to the Business Masterminds.

KMA Network: The Mastermind Community

In 2018, the dream of bringing the power of business masterminding into the business networking world was realized with the purchase of an existing network organization. This allowed co-founders, Liz M. Lopez and Tracie Thompson, to offer a membership-based platform granting more access to the valuable offerings and services of KMA. The Keystone Mastermind Alliance Network was launched. Listen to what Tracie and Liz say about their vision and KMA’s growth, by watching this video.

KMA Network is a community of diverse active members with the core belief that Together, We Achieve More. Our interactive groups meet weekly throughout the greater Tampa Bay area and with a focus on relationship building and professional development.

The goal for every network chapter meeting is to be productive and include knowledge sharing, skills development, and accountability so that every member is becoming a better business owner week over week. Every week, all chapters take on the same “Mastermind Encouragement”, a business building task which aims to guide members to think outside the box and challenges them to stretch outside of their comfort zones.

Our culture of learning and growing together creates a tight-knit community that is thriving.  Results are achieved by being diligent in learning and being accountable for taking action.  Members form strategic partnerships and share strong referrals, and they are constantly reporting double-digit increases in sales and new customer growth.

KMA Network meetings and events are intentionally kept small. In fact, we’ve been told that our format and the culture of our community is perfect for introverted business owners. Our focus is on quality interactions and relationship building conversations, not on trying to sell our “stuff.”

With relationship building and professional development always at our core, we are a welcoming, open space for those small business owners and entrepreneurs new to networking. There is an atmosphere that fosters growth, encourages imperfect action, and grants support that builds confidence. Seasoned networkers find that our mastermind-focus becomes critical in adding new ideas and proficiencies that is key in accelerating their business.

Keystone Mastermind Alliance offerings:

In addition to weekly KMA Network meetings, our members benefit from:

  • Monthly Business Brainstorming where a small group of registered attendees give and receive feedback and collaborate around a designated topic.
  • Premier access to Monthly interactive Business Workshops, usually limited to 20 attendees, where real-world business skills are taught, which will have an immediate effect on your business.
  • Premier Access to Confidential Mastermind Groups to discuss unique challenges and solutions, comprised of 3 to 6 members making a 3-month commitment.
  • Premier Access to Business Coaching and Mentoring for individual guidance support and accountability.
  • Premier Access to the in-demand Badass Business Bootcamps!
  • Full-page directory listings and special KMA discounts at local venues.

We are on a mission to create unprecedented paths to success for our members. We invite you to visit a KMA network meeting or event near you. To see what we have going on in your area, please check out our events page . We look forward to meeting you and exploring how we can champion your success because we believe that Together, We Achieve More.