“I don’t like sales.” If only we had a dollar for every time we heard a business owner say this! We’d own an island! For some reason, small business owners and entrepreneurs get really uncomfortable with the idea of selling, and think of it as bad, sleazy, salesy, used car salesman-ish, or feel bad about “asking people for money.”

Understand this: “Sales” is not a dirty word.

You know that you have a valuable product or service (we hope). You know who would benefit from your valuable product or service (your target client). It is your duty to get it to them. It is your right to be compensated, and well, for the exchange of product/service for benefit. For all that to happen, you must sell – and to be successful in business, you have to feel comfortable and confident doing it.

Sales happen at all levels in the business world. An employee sells their value and performance on a daily basis. A hair stylist may sell an experience or styles that inspire confidence. Restaurants sell food and a certain dining experience. Doctors sell the process and hope of healing. Solopreneurs sell themselves and value of their services. Everyone sells. Even convincing your kid to clean their room is a sales process. Every day we are all proposing, negotiating, and closing. It’s a natural process of human engagement.

If you want to create abundance in your business, then you need make peace with selling and get really good at it. How do you do it? Keep reading!

Start With Your Beliefs About Sales

First, get your mindset right. Saying “I don’t like sales” is self-defeating and can actually keep you from learning a critical skill. Getting good at sales is vital to the life of your business. Make sure your heart and mind agree in abundance. It is okay to make money, and a lot of it. Feel open and excited about making money. Develop a positive relationship with money.

You’re not in business solely to help people but also to make money and to profit. It is okay for someone to pay to benefit from (be helped by) what you sell. How many people, who were looking for exactly what you have, have walked away without the benefit of your product or service because you didn’t ask for the sale? How many of your potential clients walked away from your poor doe proposal only to pay someone else MORE money?

A thriving, profitable, sustainable business relies on money and sales. Learn what it takes to get really good at sales. If you are uncomfortable with selling, take a course, get a coach, get sales training. You don’t have to like the idea of selling but you do have to do it, get comfortable with it, and be effective at it.

Know Your Sales Process

Second, understand that there is full process to sales – getting known, communication, exchange of goods and service for money, follow up, and customer loyalty are some steps of common sales processes. Your responsibility as a business owner is to get very clear in the steps of your specific sales process. Become an expert at getting your products/services in the hands of your ideal clients.

Develop Your Sales Mojo

Finally, we understand that sales doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so have a plan, prepare for questions and discussions, and practice. We suggest recording yourself on audio or video. For example:

  • What do you say when someone asks you about your business, service or product?
  • Discuss the features and benefits of all your services and products.
  • Write out your process for discussing pricing.
  • Practice asking for the sale with confidence.

When you review your recording, pay attention to how confident you look and sound. If you were the client, would you be dying to buy your product or service?

It may make you feel more comfortable to know that “educating,” “helping,” “sharing” are all sales techniques. Remember, “sales” is not a dirty word and selling doesn’t have to be “salesy” or “sleazy.” You get to choose how you sell. You get to control the process from beginning to end. We discuss this in a bit more detail in our bestselling book Suck It Up, Buttercup: 10 Tough-Love Strategies To Get You Off Your Butt and Making Money.

Embrace and get comfortable with your personal sales style. Your sales technique simply needs to be authentic (reflect your core values and belief in your product or service), compelling, and confident. If you are not sure how to do this on your own, visit a KMA Network Chapter to meet a welcoming community of business masterminds that are constantly improving their skills and profitability.