Fierce Accountability

Perfect for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Sales People, Busy Executives, Commissioned Employees

Do you always seem to have a never ending list of things to do?  Knowing that accomplishing these tasks would benefit our business or career doesn’t get them done, action gets them done!  Yet, you never seem to get around to action? Fierce Accountability is designed to give you a personal layout of tasks with priority, action steps, and fierce commitments monitored by your coaches.

We prioritize tasks and set up milestones using a customized Trello board (online) and engage weekly via Trello to make sure you are on track.  We will make sure you get things done with light feedback on how it was done.  Keep in mind that the Fierce Accountability program does not include active coaching.  If you are looking for accountability AND coaching, we have that!  Check out our Achievement Coaching program.

Accountability for Action!

If you are just so ready to get that checklist done.  If you need “bosses” to make sure you work on your business.  If you have a great plan that NEEDS to get launched, then Fierce Accountability is your answer!  Complete the form below and one of our Fierce Coaches will be in touch to discuss your objectives and enrollment options.