Wellness Lady

Wellness Lady

I became interested in health and nutrition over 25 years ago when I suffered from terrible allergies year round. My career as an elementary school teacher fueled my passion for learning.

As I began to research how to survive allergy season more naturally, I discovered the relationship between my health and my nutrition.

After I adopted my two little girls from Russian orphanages (and they were extremely malnourished), I was highly motivated to raise them with the best nutrition possible to give them the best chance at better health.

I began to realize how important my lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition choices were for myself and my children. A friend introduced me to Shaklee products and they transformed my life.

I improved my health and the health of my family by simply changing brands.

We transitioned into eating healthier and making smarter, ‘greener’ choices when it came to household and personal care products.

Shaklee also transformed my entire lifestyle. I became a certified health coach and created a business (Wellness Lady) sharing my passion for creating healthier lifestyles one small change at a time.

I have created teams of people that are doing the same. I no longer have to commute to work, ask for vacation time, or schedule my life around my work.

I still work hard, but I have the flexibility to live my life to the fullest.

Now I focus on two things:

  1. Sharing my story and helping others to feel better and have more energy with Shaklee products.
  2. Coaching people to create an income online with Shaklee!!

I’d love to help you feel better too!

Click on this link to schedule a 15 minute FREE consultation. https://calendly.com/wellnesslady

Name Carla Clayton