Modern Concept Media

Modern Concept Media

Video, Voice and Podcast Professional

We specialize in creating video and audio content that our clients use to successfully engage their audience.  Using cutting-edge technology and our expertise in visual and audio marketing, we offer high-quality yet affordable services that enable businesses to use Video and Podcasts as part of their marketing strategies.

Whether you need video recording, video editing, audio editing for podcasts, or voice-over for radio, TV, or on-hold messaging, we help strategize with you to ensure your marketing campaign is successful.  Our videos range from live recordings and background shots to high-quality animations and cover a variety of topics from educational to promotional, and many more.

The best part is that working with us is easy, affordable, and fun!

Modern Concept Media produces effective and engaging media for your business that raises the professional appearance, sound, perception, and SEO impact of your brand.

Diane is a well known business media professional who specializes in making video and audio marketing easy and affordable for the small to medium business community. Services Include:

1. Videos for Business – including educational, testimonial, product demonstrations, greetings, animation, logo animation, and more!

2. Drone and Aerial (Airplane) Video – Licensed aerial videographer who works with all local airports and municipalities to secure proper permits to take stunning drone or aerial video of your project, job-site, neighborhood, etc.

3. Voice-Over Talent – Professional voice artist providing top-quality voice-over for videos, Radio/TV Commercials, On-Hold Messaging, Voice Mail Systems and more.

4. Podcast Branding & Editing – Customer Intros, Outros, and  editing of your Podcasts so you can enjoy recording your shows without worrying about the technical pieces that make your Podcast sound professional.
An active and much-appreciated member of the Tampa Bay Small Business community, Diane has helped business owners across many industries overcome their fear of being on camera and produce wonderful high-quality videos and audio media that they are proud to share with their clients and target markets.

Name Diane Kutz