1Degree Change

1Degree Change

At 1 Degree Change, through coaching support and accountability, women connect with their passion and purpose and achieve soul-centered goals one step at a time.

Through our Life Coaching programs, we:
• Help women get crystal clear on
-what they really want to achieve
-developing a plan
-creating next steps
• Provide motivation and accountability to
-uncover and overcome challenges
-create supportive internal and external environments
-achieve goals
• Celebrate your successes as you get the results you desire most.

We speak to you, the:
• Successful woman who is longing for a new expression in her life
• Woman who is uncertain as she enters a new season in life (e.g. empty nester, divoree, widow, etc.)
• Woman who has changed internally but her external environment hasn’t.

As a result of our Life Coaching Programs, our clients have:
• Traveled the world
• Learned how to set and hold boundaries
• Started a charitable organization
• Enjoyed guilt-free self-care
• Changed careers
• Developed healthy relationships
• Created and started on their Bucket List
• Mended relationships
• Gone back to school
• Learned a foreign language
• And more.

Let 1 Degree Change journey with you in creating a life you love.

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