I Can’t Find Clients!


“I can’t find clients!” Oh, how many times we have heard that at networking events and business gatherings around town. This statement begs so many questions, such as – Do you really believe that there are no clients out there for you? Are you really looking? Are you looking for the right clients in [...]

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I Can Do Business With Anyone


What is your target market? Who is your ideal client? We, at Keystone Mastermind Alliance, have found these to be questions that many business owners don’t like to get specific about. They fear that if they get precise and niche down in their marketing, they may be limiting their clientele. Decades of market research indicate [...]

I Can Do Business With Anyone2019-09-06T13:24:50-04:00

Build It And They Will Come…Right?


Build Your Business Everyday “Build It and They Will Come” . . . . . . and that friends, is a falsehood! Fantasy! Hollywood! The reality is: Plan it, tell everyone about it, market it, have support, build it, invite, invite, invite, and work it every day, even if it seems to be working itself. [...]

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Creating Efficiency In Your Business


Small business owners can easily get caught in the vicious, life-sucking cycle of working harder, working more, working longer hours. One small business owner told KMA co-founder, Tracie Thompson, “If a small business owner is sleeping more than four hours a night, they’re not working hard enough!” Eeeek! Can you say “burnout”? Being a successful [...]

Creating Efficiency In Your Business2019-03-27T06:45:31-04:00