Suck It, Buttercup – 10 Tough-Love Strategies To Get You Off Your Butt and Making Money

Yes, we wrote a book!  Liz M Lopez and Tracie Thompson teamed up to create a practical, quick, and fun read on overcoming the 10 reasons business owners get stuck or worse, fail.   Based on our 15+ years of strategic leadership and coaching, our first book, Suck It Up, Buttercup offers insight from each of us and action steps in each chapter.

Our objective, in all that we do, is to empower business owners and entrepreneurs to take control of their actions, achievements, and growth.  Each chapter addresses a common challenge such as finding clients, struggling with sales, managing time, and knowing when it’s time to quite.  You may identify with all of them or just some, yet throughout a business lifetime you will likely experience all of them. Wrestling with these challenges does not make you a bad business owner, it makes you human.

The Keystone Mastermind Alliance was founded on the premise that Together, We Achieve More.  We understand that leading a business can feel overwhelming, especially if you are sole decision maker.   If you have a business or are thinking of launching a business, we invite you to read our book.  You are not alone and we freely share insight, funny stories, and practical solutions to building a thriving, profitable, and long-lasting business.

Get the book and get access to our 30-page business success workbook!

Order your copy on Amazon:  $4.99 Digital / $9.99 Print