Build It And They Will Come…Right?

Build Your Business Everyday “Build It and They Will Come” . . . . . . and that friends, is a falsehood! Fantasy! Hollywood! The reality is: Plan it, tell everyone about it, market it, have support, build it, invite, invite, invite, and work it every day, even if it seems to be working itself. [...]

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Creating Efficiency In Your Business

Small business owners can easily get caught in the vicious, life-sucking cycle of working harder, working more, working longer hours. One small business owner told KMA co-founder, Tracie Thompson, “If a small business owner is sleeping more than four hours a night, they’re not working hard enough!” Eeeek! Can you say “burnout”? Being a successful [...]

Creating Efficiency In Your Business2019-03-27T06:45:31-04:00

KMA Network: The Mastermind Community

The Keystone Mastermind Alliance or KMA presents a unique model to the world of business networking. Originally launched in 2014 as a Business Mastermind and Professional organization, Keystone Mastermind Alliance was born out of a vision to offer small business owners and entrepreneurs intimate, private mastermind groups. The goal of KMA was to offer [...]

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The Fortune is in the (Systematic) Follow-up

In March, the Keystone Mastermind Alliance held multiple Business Brainstorms events about follow-up. We hear all the time that the fortune is in the follow-up. However, follow-up tends to happen when we are in the mood, when we just happen to remember, or when we have some hot new product or service to promote. It’s [...]

The Fortune is in the (Systematic) Follow-up2018-04-05T13:20:29-04:00